We work with small and medium sized business owners who are seeking to grow their sales, motivate their team and improve how they manage their time. Using the world class ActionCOACH system and 22 years of experience of starting and rapidly growing businesses, we can help you drive your business to achieve great results.

Perfect for businesses of all sizes

“If you’re someone that really wants to change, really wants to learn, really wants to get the most out of their business and take it forwards, why wouldn’t you get someone who’s been there and done it, and can help you make them steps and really fast-forward you through some really difficult lessons?

Because they’ve been there and done it themselves and can really help you move forward”

Ethan Edwards

Real people, real results

Ravi Toor – Filamentive

“By working with Tom, I’ve been able to take a “deep dive” into my business.”

“The key theme is continual improvement; the tools, tips and techniques have allowed me to identify opportunities to increase revenue whilst also reducing costs, putting me in good stead to boost the profitability of the business! Being part of ActionCOACH has encouraged me to work on personal development – growing my knowledge and skills, whilst also developing a positive mental attitude to enable greater proactivity in both my business and personal life.”


Don’t just take it from us

“Tom helped me establish what I needed to know and where I needed to go with it. My business started with 3 people and now it’s up to 7 people.

Now our lifestyle has changed and we’ve gone from penny-pinching to having some good money in the bank and that’s happened in a year. I’d very much recommend Tom from ActionCOACH”

Craig Lindsey
Inside Out Cleaning & Restoration Ltd


We're so confident that we can get you the results you need, that we're offering you an unbeatable guarantee to supercharge your business within a year, or the difference in money back.

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Hear, first hand, from a range of many of our clients. From different business sizes and industries, we’ve helped tons of businesses benefit from our world-class coaching programme.

From start-up businesses to multi-million-pound organisations, we’re committed to helping business owners take control of their time, manage their money, and build exceptional teams.

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Don’t just take it from us

Phil Sharpe – Sharpes Windows And Doors

“Like many people, I’m good at doing the job but not so much at doing business.”

I had been looking to improve my skill as a business owner. Like many people, I’m good at doing the job but not so much at doing business. The ActionCLUB offered a route to learn from a coach and other business owners within the group. Prior to starting Growth club my business and personal time just mixed into one, now I’m starting to separate the two and, in time, should give me a better balance between the two. I would definitely recommend Tom and the team to anybody that was looking for a way to make the next step in business. I find everyone at Action club Stroud friendly and helpful.

Hear it from our clients

Dominique Farmer – Wiggly T

“Tom has helped rekindle my enthusiasm and let me dare to dream!”

Johanna, from Action Coach, got in touch at a real turning point for me. I was coming out of an incredibly stressful few years. I had become unable to switch off and in constant firefighting mode leading to some significant burn out. Since working with Tom I have been able to find ways to navigate back to constructive action. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone looking to improve the way they work. He is able to listen without judgement, while using his experience and humour to guide you to realise a clear way forward. I can rely on Tom to be there to help navigate obstacles as they arise. Tom has helped rekindle my enthusiasm and let me dare to dream!

Ready to achieve more?

Rupert Blackstone – Wattcraft

“I’ve only been doing it a few months, but already I’m developing a sense of control over my destiny”

“I got the sense at the outset that the service was open, genuine, and valuable, and my initial communications with Tom Allchurch confirmed all that to me. I was not managing my business and home life most effectively before, and there is still some way to go before I can begin to think I am mastering it all, but what I can say is that Tom has given me more of a sense of direction, and tools with which to make good progress. I’ve only been doing it a few months, but already I’m developing a sense of control over my destiny. I would definitely recommend Tom and the team to anyone considering working with them.



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